About Us

See the Ability

In recent years it has become clear how important physical activity is for general health and wellbeing. All too often, for children and adults with disabilities, finding the time for essential movement and general physical activity can prove challenging.

‘See the Ability' plans to change this by providing one-on-one and small group personal training, for children and young adults with intellectual disabilities and mild physical disabilities.

Once a session is booked in, that’s it. We come to you! We provide the equipment, we provide the exercise and most importantly, we provide the enjoyment and help create the foundations for healthy habits. The training adopts a holistic approach to exercise and everything that is taught is focused to improve everyday mobility and become a more functional and capable individual. 

About James

Having had a passionate interest in health and fitness for over a decade, and years of experience working in disability care, I have developed a clear understanding about the appropriate care and consideration required for people with special needs conducting physical activity. As well as this, I have completed my Bachelor of Exercise  and Sport Science/Bachelor of Business (Sport Management).

Sharing my childhood with two cousins with special needs, it became clear as they were growing up that some physical activity and personal training implemented into their weekly routine would be beneficial. Over a year later, their mood and attitude towards being physically active and exercising has drastically improved, whilst they have also gained an enhanced quality of movement.

It’s clear that there are other children and adults who would benefit greatly from physical activity and movement added to their routines. Hence, ‘See the ability’ was formed.